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Everyday we work with passion to boost our Client’s Compliance and Performances. We do it thank to our  innovative Software Solutions and Consulting Services

PRAGMA software for your processes

Why Best Companies are the best ones

Best Companies commit resources only to value-added activities, reducing the worst ones.

They maximise their work productivity, respecting timing and plans.  They enhance their product quality reducing human errors.

What about you? How many tools do you use in your everyday activities to achieve your goals?

How PRAGMA® improves Compliance and Performances

Just one solution for Workflow Management, Document Management and Reporting. A real digital map that makes control easier, more immediate and precise. Imagine how many advantages you’d have during an inspection.
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Scheduled time Respect
first: 40%
after: 90%
Costs sustained
first: 70%
after: 35%
Average Time in finalizing practices Improvement
first: 15%
after: 100%

Validation, CSV, Quality Assurance: which will be the best choice for you?

Whatever the field, choosing the most suitable people and skills is always the most crucial decision. Thanks to our experience in highly regulated industries and the ongoing application of Program Management and Risk Management principles we can best meet your demands.

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What if a digital map were the Solution?

How Companies who chose PRAGMA® improved Compliance and Performance, saving time and money

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