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5 Reasons and 5 Skills (+1) for working as a Consultant in a company


5 Reasons and 5 Skills (+1) for working as a Consultant in a company

5 Reasons and 5 Skills (+1) for working as a Consultant in a company

A consultant’s job is dynamic, energetic and highly challenging. It puts a person to the test in every respect: technicallyrelationally and in terms of communication.

Consultants are a reference point for the client and contribute, with expertise, skills and support, to the client’s growth , as well as achieving their own corporate objectives . In the case of S4BT, which operates in the Life Science field, consultants have an even greater responsibility, because they contribute, to  people’s health through their work. 

5 Reasons to Work in a Consulting Company

The considerable challenge of a career as a consultant pays off in many ways. Here are at least five of them:

1. You work and grow with the team.

S4BT consultants are never alone and can count on the support of their colleagues. At S4BT, there are many senior consultants with a great deal of expertise and experience, who support junior colleagues in their professional growth.

2. Your problem-solving skills improve

The consultant’s job is to solve clients’ problems . Each client has totally different requirements and the solutions may also vary. This requires expertise, experience, intuition and even a pinch of creativity. Solving problems is also very rewarding, just think about customer satisfaction.

3. Every work day is different

Being a consultant means gaining experience on a variety of projectsproductscompanies and problems to solve! This variety enables consultants to grow faster as professionals.

4. You are continually learning and improving

Consultants who bring their expertise and experience to companies need to be continually trained and informed about new developments in their field. S4BT is a company that invests heavily in training its employees, both through internal courses provided by S4BT senior consultants and through external courses. Since 2017, S4BT has allocated more than 7000 hours to training. In addition to classroom training, consultants are constantly learning and growing from the different projects and companies they work with. For junior consultants there is also a period of on-the-job training where tools and knowledge are provided to help them become more independent every day.

5. A network is built around you

One of the most important characteristics of a consultant is knowing how to communicate and build good relationships with the people you will be in contact with in client companies and internally with the team. A positive and proactive attitude is instrumental in creating a network of professionals, which allows you to connect with new people and new points of view.

S4BT Talent Academy

Try your hand at the S4BT Talent Academy, the 6-month paid training programme (3 months classroom, 3 months on-the-job) for working in large companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.DISCOVER THE TALENT ACADEMY

The 5 Skills of a consultant (+1)

1. Time Management

Knowing how to manage your time and complete set tasks is essential for the success of the project and customer satisfaction. Time Management should be considered not only for the short-term, such as daily tasks, but also over the long term for projects that take months to complete and require intermediate milestones to reach the target.

2. Flexibility and adaptability 

In consulting there are constant changes, it is a dynamic environment. Clients, projects, requirements, priorities, the team, all change. Consultants need to adapt to change and be flexible both with regard to the project and in their attitude towards the client. For example, during a call, when dealing with a request or problem, they must know how to be proactive, including by proposing an answer  subject to a check.

3. Communication

A consultant must be able to communicate well in both written and spoken form. For example, writing emailsdocumentsreports or presentations, clearly explaining a concept, knowing how to deal with the countless phone calls. Having clear communication is especially essential when clients are far away and you don’t have the ability to have face-to-face meetings. At the same time, it is important to be able to communicate with your team so that you are always in line on projects. 

4. Team Player

A consultant does not work alone. Whether dealing with fellow consultants or clients, they should be able to work in teams and collaborate  with people from different roles and disciplines. Goals are always achieved together and Together is better!

5. Listening and Positive Attitude

Actively listening to a client, a colleague or a superior allows the consultant to understand their real needs and the best solutions to achieve the objective. Besides listening, it is also important to have a positive and proactive attitude towards others. This facilitates collaboration  increases efficiency and productivity.

6. Curiosity and Creativity

Asking questions, getting to the bottom of a problem, allows you to find better solutions, to grow and to learn something new. Creativity is not a skill to be underestimated. The problems a consultant faces are numerous, creativity helps them to ask themselves how they can do things better, in an innovative, different way.


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talent academy

Talent Academy S4BT: entering the workplace through a learning by doing approach


Talent Academy S4BT: entering the workplace through a learning by doing approach

Talent Academy S4BT: entering the workplace through a learning by doing approach

In this post, we tell you all about the S4BT Talent Academy and why it is a great opportunity for entering the workplace.

After University?

For many students, finishing university brings with it a period of disorientation in which doubts of all kinds arise. 

Continue studying? Do a Master’s degree? Look for work? Go travelling? 

Many opportunities present themselves before us, many different roads and no GPS to show us the way.

Well, the truth is that there is no right road , at least not until you try it and see if it’s for you.

So what should you do? 

Try out companies that guide (not catapult) you into the workplace after graduation and that value your personal skills. 

S4BT Talent Academy

S4BT is a company that has been working in the Life Sciences sector for over 25 years, handling highly specialised projects in companies all over the world.

Since 2017, it has chosen to share its knowledge and experience with young graduates, training the consultants of tomorrow to become part of the S4BT team.

The Talent Academy grew out of a question we asked ourselves: how do we prepare young graduates for specialised professions in a sector that requires a high level of expertise and quality?

Classroom training? Mmm…no, these disciplines are difficult to explain and understand with words alone.

On-the-job training? Of course, but if I don’t explain the context and the relevant regulations first, you won’t know how to proceed.

Talent Academy! A 6-month training course that combines classroom and on-the-job learning based on the concept of learning-by-doing. The first phase is in the classroom with the aim of understanding a new context, the activities and professions it requires and what regulations apply. The second phase is on-the-job, where knowledge acquired is applied to real projects in S4BT client companies.

Welcome to the workplace

Talent Academy provides a warm welcome to the workplace. Our early days were traumatic, with one or two days of introductions and then a headlong rush into operations, running after senior colleagues to learn as much as possible and with the constant fear of making mistakes.

We believe that training, as well as the first few steps into the workplace, need the right amount of time. Time to understand where you are and to get to know the team. We need to involve, motivate and empower people with a programme that is tailored to their abilities.

Learning by doing

The learning by doing approach is based on the key concept that practical experience is the starting point for all educational knowledge. Only through action, the doing of something, is deeper understanding and true learning possible.

That’s why in the Talent Academy we focus on on-the-job training, so that future consultants acquire skills while carrying out their daily tasks. This means working on real projects in S4BT client companies, supported by senior consultants who share their knowledge and experience in the Life Sciences sector.

Some of the advantages of the learning by doing approach are: 

  • increased involvement of participants;
  • the training gap resulting from theoretical training is bridged;
  • the concepts, principles and tools learned can be put into context in real-life situations;
  • allows the skills being taught to be put to the test.


“There is no such thing as luck; there is the moment when talent meets opportunity”.

Lucio Anneo Seneca

Each of us has a talent, that innate ability to do something, that speed with which we learn a skill and grow. 

The Talent Academy wants to draw out the talent in people. The course includes transversal training on the activities that take place in S4BT, giving an overview of the Life Science world, so that trainees can identify their own interests. Once the Talent Academy is over, the best trainees have the opportunity to join the S4BT team of consultants and specialise more in one activity, according to their aptitudes and S4BT projects.


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