Have you ever thought to manage your Quality System with a specific Software Solution?

Companies who digitized their Quality Workflows with PRAGMA®, improved their performances for at least 6 reasons:

What FDA wants

PRAGMA® is fully compliant with CFR 21 Part 11 about Audit Trail, Electronic Records and Signatures

It’s almost ubiquity

PRAGMA® is a web platform. Everywhere and in every moment users can log in

Sharable information

Every piece of information is stored in one DB. Only authorized departments and resources can access to critical data

Detailed Analysis

In every moment users can verify the working progress and extract crucial information, just with few clicks.

The Best Way

PRAGMA® is based on the industry best practises, so it leads users in the most effective way

Precious Integrations

PRAGMA® can be connected with other processes or software, making the Quality System even more “integrated”.

Quality Workflows already computerised with PRAGMA®


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Companies who manage their Quality Processes with PRAGMA®, chose to digitize even other departments

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