How to simplify and improve your Human Resources activities with just one tool

documentazione e training con un software

Documentation Management and HR Training with PRAGMA®

Why do most competitive Companies decide to manage Documentation and HR training with a specific software?

Companies who chose PRAGMA® Documentation & Training noticed an evident increasing in performances and compliance, thanks to:

  1. No human mistakes
  2. Easier and faster Audits
  3. Real time data extraction
  4. Automatic Training
  5. Automatic Test Correction

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Other PRAGMA® Human Resources Workflows

Employee Card

Complete and accurate employees’ records
Real time analysis of specific employees tasks

Performance Appraisal

Team Performance Analysis
Resources’ potentialities identification
Resources’ goals planning and management

Candidate Card

Job Applications Management
Job Proposals’ Classification
Immediate identification of the most suitable candidates

Companies who digitized HR Department, also chose to improve other Processes

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